este es un reflejo de quien no soy.
esta es la mentira en la verdad.
es que a las tantas de la mañana, no hay delicadeza.
todo es crudo, nada se cuela.

-Lei González
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    well that’s a relief.

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    Cheese and onion bloomer with hand cut chips.

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    The Craft (1996)

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    a better place

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  • The person I want for my life

    When you break down, when you show me you’re humam, that’s when I feel attracted the most; cause I love love to fall in love with humans,
    that have aches,
    and even so, they stand up every day,
    they go to work,
    watch films, listen to music;
    keep on living.

    That’s the kind the kind of person I want in my life! The ones that are real,
    The ones that shows me what’s inside before what they look like.

    That’s what I want for my lovers, my mistress, my friends,
    my soulmates….